I want to start by not listing my background, education and list of reasons why I'm awesome.

The truth is, you get to judge how awesome I am based on whether my work at Mindful Venturing is of any value to you.  (You can scroll below for a more traditional About Me section.)  For starters, I've recorded a few audio snippets which tell you more about myself and how working on my mindful mindset has transformed me:

  1. How my journey started and how I made it a success,
  2. Ways in which mindfulness makes me stronger and more resilient in my leadership life, and
  3. A specific example of how mindfulness gave me the energy to handle a work challenge.

How my mindfulness journey started

"I knew that instinctively, I didn't want to be as stressed out as everyone else."

Three Ways Mindfulness Helps Me

"And that's because that perspective that mindfulness gives - allows me to make better decisions,  allows me to give myself what I need in the moment."

Mindfulness gives me energy

"In fact out of that meditation as so frequently happens were so many positive thoughts and emotions. Full of energy and confidence. Whereas what five, six minutes earlier. It was completely the other way."

Mindful Venturing aims to help leaders like you reduce stress and anxiety by cultivating a mindful mindset to be at your best every day.

This membership website contains strategies, tools and guided meditations to challenge you and grow your mindset and get better at what you do.  There is a companion podcast where you can hear more of Prashant's story and interviews with great leaders on their mindful habits and routines.

Get started below to see how these strategies can benefit you, and if you're interested in my coaching services, click here.

About Prashant

Throughout my 20-year career, I've been lucky to work in leadership roles in various industries, including medical devices, financial services, IT, management consulting, and consumer electronics.  I've always gravitated to startup and growth companies where I can apply my deep technology and marketing leadership skills to solve challenging problems.

When the pandemic hit, I found work/life balance a huge challenge like many around me.

I noticed the benefits of my mindful mindset and started exploring how I could help others.  Thanks to the support of my friends and mentors, the Mindful Venturing podcast was born.  Looking back on it - it was quite a bold experiment - but I had always wanted to do a podcast, and it was a good way of getting started.

I'm glad I took the plunge, because it led to growing Mindful Venturing into what it is today:

  • A membership portal with guided meditations, articles and tactics to build a mindful leader's mindset,
  • A 1-1 and teams coaching practice,
  • And, of course, the podcast still goes on!

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