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Prashant's Favourites

I chose these episodes as they are the ones I mention to friends when I'm telling them about the podcast.  They make me proud of having started this podcast and are a measure of the impact Mindful Venturing is having.
Episodes 1 and 2 are available!
Kickstart your journey in integrating Mindfulness into your creative life by listening to Episodes 1 & 2.
Where it all began - great introduction to our mission and very practical for a first episode
Using a curious mindset to focus your mindfulness
Focussing during our mindful moments is challenging for beginners and experts, for young and old. On this episode, I chat with my son to see how his natural curiosity and persistence allowed meditation to work for him - especially when he needs it most.
OK, I'm biased - my son was a star on this episode, but aside from that it's a fan favourite.
Interview: Coach and Mentor Mel Rosenthal talks about coaching and mindfulness
On this episode we explore mindfulness in practice with an amazing coach and mentor, Melissa Rosenthal.

Getting Started in Mindfulness

These episodes offer tips, tricks and techniques to ease you into Mindfulness, Meditation and topics related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Improving your meditation practice - Tips, tricks and myth-busting
Sometimes it’s hard to get started with meditation, other times you might think you’re doing it wrong or have something else holding you back from making it a more regular practice.
Which meditation app is best for you? And your questions answered
Your Questions Answered! So many great questions sent in by you over the first few episodes of Mindful Venturing. On this episode, I answer your burning questions as well as discuss tips for other feedback I have received.

Building Better Mindful Habits

These episodes help you go beyond the basics and getter at integrating Mindfulness so you can better manage yourself and others.

Phil Hayes-St Clair on how mindful mornings set him up for success
If there’s one consistent habit shared by successful people, it’s that they all have a deliberate and effective morning routine.On this episode, Serial Entrepreneur Phil Hayes-St Clair. Phil speaks candidly about how his mindful morning routine sets him up for success.
Making mindfulness work on your busiest days
On this episode, I share with some strategies to help you get through your most hectic and busy days by incorporating Mindful moments when you need them most.
Overcoming failure through mindfulness and compassion
If you’re working as an entrepreneur or creative, failure and things not going your way is inevitable. On this episode, Prashant shares with you his strategies for getting through the tough times through a combination of mindfulness and compassion.