When was the last time you started a meeting, looked around you and realised it was going to be an uphill struggle?  It can be a challenge at the best of times, but especially during hectic periods when everyone is tired and stressed.

Today, I want to share a simple technique which has remarkable results.  At times like these, I lead my team in a short, simple moment of mindfulness and follow up with motivating and encouraging prompts.

Sound too far-fetched?  I've made this technique super simple and even recorded my version of the guided moment to help you get started.

I've found this helps everyone reset, return to the present, and be motivated for what's ahead.

Step 1: Extend an invitation

  • Ask the team for 5 minutes before the meeting to recharge and reset before getting into the work.
  • Invite them to join you in a mindful moment.  Set the expectation that you're not a mindfulness coach, but would like to share a technique that works for you.
  • They can join in by following your prompts, or having some time to themselves - it's their choice.

Step 2: Start with what's most comfortable

The easiest way is to take a few deep breaths and invite others to do the same.  But you can choose your path here; the point of this task is to give yourself and your team an opportunity to slow things down.  Another option is to sit in silence, or prompt the team to think about what or who they are grateful for.

As promised, I've recorded my version of how to kick this off below.  You can adapt it for your needs, or if it's easier - play it in the meeting and let me be the guide!

Step 3: Be thankful and encouraging

The end of such mindful moments is pretty special.  There's something about participating in a group activity such as this which brings everyone together and reminds us of what is important.  I like to finish by calling out what I am thankful for today, in this moment.

For example, It's ok to be just thankful for the great team and people you have around you, I often go back to this simple fact.  Or sometimes you've all been through a tough time, so try: "I'm thankful and grateful for you all for working hard on the project last week even though the outcome was not what we wanted".

I hope I've delivered on my promise to keep this super simple, please give it a try this week!
Keep calm, and venture on,