Mindful Venturing's podcast has launched with Episodes 1 and 2 now available on the podcast player of your choice, including:

The first episode introduces the benefits of Mindfulness in creative and entrepreneurial endeavours by guiding you through an exercise in Stillness and kickstarting your understanding of Acceptance.

You'll also learn about what motivated me to start this podcast and website, which I have written more about here.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Being an entrepreneur or innovator is hard at the best of times, and Covid-19 has presented a unique set of challenges for all of us to navigate.

How are we all coping?  How can Mindfulness help?

I try and answer these questions with the help of Founder and CEO of iFLYflat, Steve Hui.

Steve speaks candidly about how he worked with his team to save his business.  He has done a great job so far, and thinks Mindfulness can help him even more.

So we talk about what has been holding him back sticking with Mindful practices such as meditation and what I can do to help him get started and stay with it!

When I re-listened to our interview, I had some more thoughts on why meditation in particular can be so powerful over time - so I wrote a blog post which accompanies this episode:

Learn more about iFLYflat and Steve here: