Failure can come in small and big doses - but it's almost always painful to deal with.  In this meditation, we learn how to use a mindful mindset to accept the failure, give ourselves the compassion we need and move on to practically solving our problems.

After the 5 minute meditation you will hear practical advice on how to build and apply a mindful mindset in these situations.


Already meditated? Fast forward to 6m32s for the practical tips and insights.

Take a moment to reflect

Listen to what Kristin Neff says about mindful self-compassion in these moments. She says, if we can acknowledge our pain without exaggeration, then we have been mindful about our pain.
And what this means for me is it acknowledges the fact that I'm not feeling great, that I'm feeling some kind of pain. So acknowledging pain is really important and can't get to that acknowledgement without letting the pain in -  not resisting it.

Think about...

  • Are you exaggerating your pain?
  • Are you resisting acknowledging your failures?
  • Who can you turn to or connect with to help you get some perspective on the situation?

Try writing a diary entry or journaling about your experience

Prashant's experience:

So for me, going into my little Notes app or, just sitting quietly for a moment and actually prompting myself to get to the truth of what I'm feeling really helps and journaling or writing helps even further in the really difficult moments, because it's the best way I know to not exaggerate that pain.
To not misrepresent what's happened and actually compound the pain and get even more negative. And the simple act of writing down these thoughts quite often also reminds me of the positive actions that were taken and really helps me put everything in perspective.

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